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EMBA Machinery, Inc.
29355 Ranney Parkway
Westlake, OH 44145

Phone: 440-360-7940

President: Anders E. Berg

General Manager/Controller
M. Kelly Vekas

Technical Manager

Michael J. O'Brien

Director North American Sales
George W. Linn
Cell: 770-329-8586

Western Region Sales Manager Scott Davidson
Cell: 713-542-7202

Service Coordinator
Jeff Dreger

Tel: 440-360-7940 Ext 217
Fax: 440-360-7934
After Hours: 440-360-7937

EMBA Parts Manager
Mario Sandora

Tel: 440-360-7940 Ext 210
Fax: 440-360-7934
After Hours: 440-360-7936

McKinley Parts Manager
George Conger

Tel: 440-360-7940 Ext 209
Fax: 440-360-7934
After Hours: 440-360-7936

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