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EMBA USA in Westlake, Ohio


EMBA USA Home Office and Manufacturing

We are a leading supplier to the corrugated board industry all over the world. The EMBA machines are renowned for extremely high productivity and box quality thanks to the very short set up times, high speed production and reliable function. At EMBA, we are confident that an investment in our technology will pay for itself many times over.

Experience the geometry of success
with ultimate paper utilization

The strength of corrugated board lies hidden in the smooth sine curve or profile of its fluting. During conversion, while still a flat sheet, without the angular rigidity of a box, the integrity of this profile is at risk. And compressed corrugated board is weak board. Worried? No need: the new EMBA 245 QS Ultima™ eliminates the problem.

World’s first non-crush converting inline machine

Marking a radical advance in technology, this state-of-the-art machine features EMBA’s unique Ultima Feeder™ and vacuum transport throughout the complete machine, making it the world’s first inline converting machine to feature EMBA’s patented non-crush technology. Full corrugated board integrity and quality is now assured throughout the process – from initial feed through printing, slotting, die cutting and folding to stacking. True non-crush, from start to finish – shaped by innovation.

Superior performance right down the line

Each stage and unit of the EMBA 245 QS Ultima™ is optimized to sustain the integrity of corrugated board including light grade materials. This ensures an end product that satisfies the most stringent BCT/FCT/ECT standards with exceptional print quality. The machine’s modular open-access design, servo-operated drive and sensor control systems ensures safe and simple monitoring of performance parameters. The exceptionally functional and logical operator interface also makes production quick and easy.

Non-crush feeding

Thanks to innovative vacuum servo technology, the Ultima Feeder™ needs no feed roller. This means crush-free performance and enhanced feeding register accuracy, even with light grade corrugated board at high speeds. The all-servo five axis feed table, featuring an extended feeding stroke, ensures trouble-free feeding of all types of sheet.

Crystal-clear print quality

EMBA top-print technology, with its practical open-access format allowing kiss touch printing, is already an industry benchmark. With the introduction of the EMBA 245 QS Ultima™ comes RDD (Real Direct Drive) technology. This innovation integrates the servo motor with the printing cylinder, for enhanced print register accuracy, print length compensation and printing plate height variation correction. Other benefits include a reversible ink pump and optional self-adjusting chamber-blade and sheet-cleaning system.

State-of-the-art slotting unit

The EMBA 245 QS Ultima™ incorporates the world’s most advanced slotting unit, the Magna VSC Slotting unit (Vacuum Slotter Creaser). EMBA’s unique vacuum transport system ensures superior sheet control throughout the unit. Combined with larger diameter creasing heads, this provides excellent folding and very close die-cut register. The many benefits of this unique design include open-top access to ease maintenance, creasing profiles that are easily changed to accommodate different corrugated board grades and dual slotting shafts; – all advantages possible with the Magna VSC Slotting unit.

Smooth folding and stacking for a fast finish!

Today’s high speeds pose a real challenge when folding medium and large sheets – unless equipped with the EMBA APS Folding unit (Automatic Panel Support), designed for the highest production speeds. Last, but not least, the high-performance Counter-Stacker effortlessly handles all grades of corrugated board in the most complex die-cut formats.


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Modicon Nano block remote I/O system is no longer available

Unfortunately obsolescence of electronic components is nowadays a stark reality. If your McKinley is equipped with the Modicon Nano block remote I/O system (shown below), then these components are no longer available from the manufacturer. Spare part replacements are virtually non-existant.

Take control of your controls with a new Modicon TSX Micro PLC. Upgrade your Modicon Nano Block system with the Modicon Micro system from EMBA- McKinley and you will overcome the problem of unobtainable spare parts for the old Nano system.

After upgrading you will have access to both spare parts and professional support for secured future functionality.

To avoid the inevitable downtime contact:

McKinley Parts Manager George Conger
440-360-7940 Ext 209
Fax: 440-360-7934
After Hours: 440-360-7936


Windows 3.11 computers are now obsolete and no longer available

This means you should give serious consideration to replacing your existing Windows 3.11 computers with a more modern version. We can offer an updated Windows version depending on your machine configuration. We strongly recommend making a planned replacement of the computer system, since a computer crash on your Windows 3.11 will increase the risk of significant production downtime.

Contact EMBA customer support today for an upgrade quotation

EMBA Parts Manager Mario Sandora
Tel: 440-360-7940 Ext 210
Fax: 440-360-7934
After Hours: 440-360-7936


The new formula for Productivity Excellence


EMBA is revolutionizing box production again with its unique Ultima™ technology platform this time with a solution that enables doubling production capacity of RSC boxes by using:

TwinFeed™ + XL Slotter = DualBox™ = 2x Output.

TwinFeed™ is an option for the EMBA 245 QS Ultima™, to enable feeding two identical sheets from 280 mm up to 520 mm in running direction in a single machine cycle.

The extended EMBA Magna XL VSC slotting unit makes it possible to make the slots on both sheets in the slotting unit. The result: up to 30,000 boxes per hour. And there will be no tolerance variations between the boxes. It’s like having two machines in one!

The DualBox innovation combined with the intelligent Ultima™ platform, the unique Non Crush Converting™ and Quick-Set™, makes EMBA 245 QS Ultima™ unbeatable.

EMBA 245 QS Ultima™

Got questions? We've got answers! We'll be happy to tell you everything you want to know about productivity excellence and doubling it with EMBA 245 QS UltimaTM. Find out more, give us a call.


Download the pdf sheet


Re-Engineered for 2019
EMBA's 66" x 190" Jumbo Flexo Folder Gluer

EMBA 66" x 190"

Our Re-design includes:

  • Updated controls platform is now B&R, a leader in motion control.
  • Networked variable frequency drives and servo drives for better machine control and improved on-site and on-line diagnostics.
  • Programming of the VFD's and Servo parameters can be handled by the PLC, offline programming is not necessary. Replacement drives are plug and play.
  • Easy to navigate control screens.
  • A redesigned slotting unit for more accurate setting of slotting heads. With our updated design comes the ability to move the slotting heads laterally during setup, saving valuable setup time over previous generations of machinery.
  • Structural improvements to the die cutting section.
  • The C3 setup computer has the ability to store over 100,000+ jobs.
  • Peristaltic Ink Pumps to minimize ink agitation.
  • Latest Technologically efficient electric motors.


EMBA's 66” X 190” Re-engineered Jumbo Flexo Folder Gluer






Careers at EMBA

Interested in a career at EMBA please submit your resume and area of interest to: CareersEMBA@embausa.com


Careers at EMBA

Known and acknowledged for our extremely high box quality, fast set-up time, high-speed production and smart communications.

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